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We, at K9 Solutions, enhance your relationship with your lifelong canine companion so you can enjoy a well-mannered dog who fits into your lifestyle every day.

With over 40 years of experience in our field, our mission is to build a sound relationship between you and your dog(s) by showing you how to meet your dog halfway in a way that they can understand.

We teach canine manners and behavior.

How? K9 Solutions offers unique Group Classes for the best in distraction work and socialization, Private Training at your home for quick results, Dog Training Camp where we do the hard part for you, and Service Dog training. We cover Wake, Durham, Orange, and Johnston Counties. The Triangle area and surrounding areas.

Why choose us? Because you want to succeed.

All our trainers are certified hands-on, not online. We are professionals living our passion and dream, we take our career very seriously and strive to give each client our very best with educated knowledge and experience in canine behavior and manners. And our trainers are also continually educated so they can continue to thrive. We are committed and loyal to each of our clients. We do our part, and we will show you how to do yours.

Build a relationship with your dog by calling us today: (919) 779-3813.